Corn Walk release

Hey there!

Thank you for reading this, the first devlog of my first game.

Corn Walk is kind of an experiment. I try to create a limited space where you can walk endlessly by repeating it everytime you reach its limits. So, though it may seem that you are lost in an infinite field, it is just the same small place repeated again and again, ironic? You just see a greenish background, and as you move new plants appear in the distance. Keeping track of your route is not easy task, your only reference is the sun, up in the sky.

But, what is the objective of the game? You walk past tall plants seeking for god knows what, yourself? 

Why would anyone want to get lost in a infinite corn field? 

Is there something hidden in there?

Is there something after you?

There may be bugs, sorry if you encounter any.

If you have any comments, things you (dis)like, let me know please!



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Feb 23, 2018

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